About us

Vehicle Safety Specialists

Mobile Awareness Products are a company dedicated to reducing accidents both in the work place and on the roads.

By providing the driver with visual aids and audible warnings, we can ensure that everyone is aware of their surroundings.

Mobile Awareness Products specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance  of visual and audible safety equipment.

Using a skilled team of qualified Engineers we can provide solutions for any company's needs whilst also providing the highest standards of installation.

We have a vast product range and are committed to providing excellent service and after care on anything from a one off simple reversing camera to fleet management.

Our main aim is prevention, however, in the unfortunate event an incident does occur, our systems provide clear evidence from easily downloadable footage that can determine the cause and help defend against costly incident claims.


From small commercial vans to heavy plant equipment. See our products page for details 


Mobile Awareness Products
West Midlands

About us

Dedicated to the prevention of accidents both in the
workplace and on the roads.
By eliminating all of the driver's blind spots and warning the people around them, we can help to ensure that everyone makes it home safely.